Filming at 'live' weddings to make your video

Posted 19 September 2018 by Richard Bushell

In order to make your promotional wedding video, ideally we would like to film at a couple of 'live' weddings coming up in your wedding diary. This of course requires the bride-and-groom-to-be to allow us to take a small amount of background video footage on their 'special day'.

A main camera operator and assistant would film from the periphery and remain very unobtrusive, without impeding on their schedule, with absolute priority being given to their wedding photographer and other suppliers.

"Thank you so much for filming our wedding recently at Hatton Court. We absolutely love the footage, and we'll always cherish this as a reminder of our day. Our family and friends love it too, and cannot believe you did this for nothing!"

Of course, it's their big day, so if they'd be willing to allow us to take some footage, then in return they would also get a short video momento of the day for their own memories, free of charge, with our thanks.

  • Non-obtrustive, fly-on-the-wall footage on the day.
  • Free of charge momento video for the bride and groom.
  • Signed consent to use the footage ad infinitum in your own marketing.

In most cases, the couples concerned are very pleased to allow background filming in return for this free footage, which they and their families will have as a permanent future record of their wedding day.